Doris Deckard

Oooh Mom, this was very unexpected! For me to carry on in life without you is so heartbreaking to me. Im still waking up expecting to first hear (up early Praising God! Singing and Dancing) and then I walk into the room and chime in singing (you can't beat her! So you better join her!) You would say so cheerfully, oh, did I wake you? GOOD MORNING!! With a huge smile and I'd just smile back (cause she know she woke me up being loud and im not fully woke) But im so in tune with our morning Praise it doesn't take long because when that Holy Spirit is within you, your children, and your Household! Oh, you will wake up and give GOD the Glory!!

And thats what you have planted within us, - FAITH, having faith and being Faithful. - LOVE, giving love and being open to receiving Love. - GIVE, Love thy neighbor. Do not be selfish, if you have it, give it! It'll come back to you. - HELP, it doesn't matter how and you'll know when...just listen! **To be of good cheer! speak things that are not, as tho they were. **You have not, because you ask not! **The Lord is my Shepherd, I Shall not want! **Don't worry about the world and what people may say and think of you, she would say... You just be Humble at all times and stay prayed up. Because God giveth and God taketh away We have so many memories, so much time spent together. We were so goofy together we loved to do pranks on our family together. Coming up with the pranks were funnier than actually doing the pranks. Because we had to rehearse and it had be be perfect. So I would have you redo (intentionally) cause she done got distracted, started dancing, and I’m like hey! Stay focused so she would be like, ok. You ready? And whenever I had those big moments in life - You were Always there, you were coming to support your oldest. Some think that I do the most, not knowing that I truly get it from my Mother! You love the Lord but baby she loved to be cute, to dance, dress nice, and was very spoiled by her children and Grandchildren.

I love you and your legacy will live forever. I Gotcha DD just as I always have. I must see this as part of God's plan, that in order for our (me and your) personal plan to be fulfill and to Blossom, HE saw fit that it would be best for you to Gain your Wings now I have a few informants in Heaven looking out for me. But you and Aunt Tricia! Oh, you two are my swiftest and you both negotiate well I can just hear you now.....Kwanna, uh huh now what all do you need me to do? Aunt Tricia, come on Doris...All we gotta do is this. Mommy, work Aunt Tricia! Yall got this....We breaking Generational Curses and Chains.

Love Your Oldest, Kwanna

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