George Jackson

Remember Me Don't remember me with sadness Don't remember me with tears

Remember all the laughter we've shared through - out the years. Now I am content that my life was worthwhile, knowing that passing along the way I made somebody smile. When you are walking down the street, and you've got me on your mind, I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind. So please don't be unhappy; just because I'm out of sight, Remember that I'm with you EACH morning, noon, and night.

Until We Meet Again Daddy, I celebrated with you, laughed with you, congratulated you, loved you, enjoyed and supported you to the very end. I take pride in doing that. You did not leave me wishing for more time, God made sure of that. Those special memories of you will always bring a smile to my face. If only I could have you back for a little while. Then we could sit and talk again like we always did. You always meant so very much to me and always will. The fact that you are no longer here will always cause me pain, but get your rest Daddy.

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