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Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know what ever you do they will still be there. Love Cheryl Ann Mama Faye I will internally cherish every moment spent with you. You will always be loved and never forgotten and forever missed. Ondreau I am so glad I was able to connect with you in all these years. We were able to FaceTime after all these years with each other. I love you so much, I love you so much. Love Always, Linda Gene Thomas Faye, I will always cherish Our Friendship Dewana Mama Faye you faught that fight as best and as long as you could but God needed your sweet face and spirit with Him. You were a good mother and servant to God and I will always remember and love you. Gayle


We share so many memories, things only we could know. You have added laughter to my heart, and love and blessings to my soul. You have touched my life in many ways by being the wonderful aunt you are. Know you are so very dear to my heart and one of my favorite persons by far. Love Always, Your Favorite Niece Shawn Scott

I love you Aunt Faye. Kelly

Faye I will always Love You. Aunt Jaque I love you Aunt Faye. Shelly

My Granny is The Greatest Of ALL TIME!!!! Lil Brent

We had a wonderful Aunt, One who never really grew old; Her smile was made of sunshine, And her heart was solid gold; Her eyes were as bright as shining stars, And in her cheeks fair roses you see. We had a wonderful Aunt, And that’s the way it will always be. Love ,laughs and hap piness my heart will always allow me to see. Your memory is my keep sake, With which I’ll never part. God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart. Love Always, Ashley To a wonderful and loving mother that took me in and took care of me I will truly miss you and love you always and forever Shonda Faye you were my or die. I could tell you the biggest secret which you carried in your heart to the bitter end. I promise you I will take care of LaTishia until the bitter end. Cheryl

I Love me some mama!!! Tishia and Toshaneque I enjoyed sneaking you to the store to get your Wintergreen Ice Breaker Candace

To my big sister you truly going to be missed on our phone call everyday. I will see you again. Rest in peace your baby sister . Love always Alecia

Precious Memories


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