Malinda Price Program

I love you like you’re mine

Dear Mama Malinda, As I stop to count my blessings There is one thing which rings true I’ll always be so grateful For the friend I found in you! Grateful for the special times We’ve shared throughout the years Times that brought us closer Through our laughter and our tears

The many things you’ve done All the times that you were there Help me to know how much you really cared

You didn’t just complete my Dad’s life you added a special touch to mine and my boys lives. You taught me how to love. You taught me how to pray. I am so grateful for you and the unconditional love. Even though it saddens me you’re gone. I can close my eyes see you with your beautiful smile with your arms open, like always. I was blessed and wanted you to know I love you and I’ll hold it down down here As you watch us from up in heaven

Love, Kiki, Josiah, and Collin

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