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Nickey Shawn Richardson

Nickey was born September 12, 1963 to Eula Richardson in Houston, Texas. Nickey and his family moved to Shreveport and that is where Nickey accepted Christ at an early age and was baptized and served at the Shiloh Missionary Baptist where he was active in the choir and was a junior deacon. He often played his saxophone at church events. He attended Ingersoll Elementary, J.S. Clark Junior High, and Booker T. Washington High School. He was active in sports, mainly basketball. That was one of his passions. He graduated from Booker T. Washington in 1981 where he was the Sr. Class President that year. Nickey went on to attend Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he received a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1986. During his college years is where he met his future wife Develon. They decided to settle in Texas and were married in 1989. He joined the US Army Reserves in 1987 and served until 1991. Nickey decided that Engineering was great, but that helping people was his calling, so he joined the Dallas Fire Department in 1988. He served as a firefighter and paramedic for 34 years before retiring in 2022. He always leaned towards the paramedic side of the job. When everyone else was trying to get off the ambulance, he would volunteer to ride the ambulance, even when it wasn’t his turn to ride. He gained so much satisfaction from being able to help people on his paramedic journey (particularly the elderly). He would routinely receive letters of appreciation from citizens that he made calls on, just because of the way he treated them and made them feel they were being taken care of. He was a member of the Dallas Firefighters Association and the Dallas Black Firefighters Association. Before he retired, Nickey also started to work at Allegiance Mobile Health in Sherman, Texas. Here was yet another avenue where he got to put his paramedic skills to work to help those in medical need. It was supposed to just be something to do part time on one of his days off (so his wife couldn’t give him honey-do’s) but it turned into 10 years on the job. Nickey led his life by helping others. He mentored his nieces, nephews, young paramedics and those looking to get into the EMT field (and he was hard on them, because he knew their potential). He was a listening ear for family and friends. Nickey was preceded in death by his grandmother, Ms. Ilee Caldwell. Nickey leaves to cherish his memories: his loving wife, Develon Richardson of Lucas, TX; his mother, Eula Richardson of Waxahachie, TX; two brothers, Michael (Charlene) Richardson of Pineville, LA and Kelly (Lauren) Richardson of Denton, TX; two sisters, Sharon (Michael) Williams of Waxahachie, TX and Patricia Broadnax of Dallas, TX; nieces, Bria, Brielle, Kiara; nephews, KJ and Nicholas. Nickey also leaves a host of other nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, and friends. He will be truly missed.

Ode o Service Friday, February 10, 2023 11:00AM


Ministers and Family

Mistress of Ceremony

Lisa Johnson



Scripture Reading

Reverend Willie Jenkins

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Michael Richardson


Janet Page


Bruce Marshall (Along with a Musical Selection) Cheryle Wheeler-Johnson Shreveport, LA



Michael Gilbert

Chief Frank McKinley

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Lisa Johnson


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Dennis Hicks


Pastor Willie Range (Dallas Fire– Rescue Dept Chaplain, Retired)

Last Alarm Bell Ceremony

Dallas Fire-Rescue Department

Final Viewing


Family an Fiend Memories

T HE B ROKEN C HAIN We little knew the day, God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly. In death, we do the same. It broke our hearts to let you go. You did not go alone. For parts of us went with you. The day God called you home. You left us beautiful memories, Your life is still our guide. And alt hough we cannot see you, You are always at our side. Our family chain is broken, And nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, The chain will link again. Lov YouMoe, Eula

In Memory of a Wonderful Brother I hold onto our memories The ones that are so dear To try to keep you always close Now you are not here You were called, it was your time But it is so true You have left a legacy There was no one like you You were very special And i want to say I feel lost in many ways You are not here today But I will never forget you And I know I have been blessed To have you for my brother Because you were the best Mr. Nickey. Lov, Sharon

I respected Nickey about a lot of things. His commitment to his craft, working as an EMT. His love of family. His love of everyone. Most of all, I enjoyed him speaking of his love of Christ, and what thus says the Lord! You Bi Boe, Michael Nickey Shawn-I thank God for allowing you to be in my life for over 41 years. I will keep your laughter in my mind and your memories in my heart. Good brother in laws are the rare jewels of life: Difficult to find and impossible to re place. I have been blessed with quite a few. I will miss you and the memories we shared will be with me for life. Lov, Charlene

I Remember I remember the Nickey, who as a child, was 100% boy - rough as a storm, tough as nails, mischievous, always ready for a fight, daring and adventurous. He played anything with a ball. He served as a junior deacon at our church and played the saxophone at several church events. As a young boy, Nickey was a true Dallas Cowboy fan - I thought he was going to tear up the house when the Cowboys lost a game. lol As a teenager, he was smart, ambitious, polite and passionate. Nickey had great athletic skills, a lover of music, and a leader in his class. In his adult years, Nickey was a man who was pro family. He adored his wife, loved and cared for his mother and grandmother. He was an awesome brother and terrific uncle, one of the best cooks in the family. He proved to be a great provider, teacher, friend, protector and defender and very devoted to his career. Nickey was a REAL man. A ton of memories flood my mind. But, one thing I will never forget is his tender heart towards the Lord Jesus. On several occasions Nickey would say, while break ing down, sobbing heavily, "Pat, God has been good to me. He's been sooo good to me! I tell you, I'm not worthy. I tell you, I don't deserve anything He's done for me!" By now, I'm all messed up, so I would attempt to console him by saying, “Nickey Shawn, none of us are worthy, none of us are deserving.” But, he would continue on, rehearsing accounts of God's grace and mercy towards him. I remember and cherish those moments when Nick ey would open up and share his heart with me. So, I love and honor my brother. He al ways had my back. He served others well and had a heart of gold. Although I miss him so much, I will ALWAYS remember. Foreve grateful. Hug & kisse, Pat Uncle Nickey, You never failed to show compassion for me and share a laugh with me. I will miss you dearly. Thanks for all the love and guidance. You Nephew, Nicholas

Tibute t Nickey

My Big Brother Nickey not only were you my big brother, but you were also my role model. There are no words to explain how much I’m going to miss you. You were born to become a Great Man and now God has a Great Angel. We talked every day and you always had true words to tell me. You always protected me when we were young and when we got older but now you are protecting me from Heaven. I love you Big Brother. Rest in Heaven and I will see you again so you can protect me in Heaven. I wiLov yo alway Bi Boe You Li Boe Key ak Li Nickey Point of View How do I express what I feel? Life changed so fast, is this really real? I have beautiful memories of how I came to know you from you picking me up from school and giving me chocolate milk and doughnuts when I was little, to you singing songs with me when I asked because I knew your tenor matched my alto well! You would ask me, “ Are you hungry? ” Always making sure I was okay and had everything I needed. If you weren’t trying to offer me WingStop or Panda Express, you would see to it I had a plate of your good home cooking! At times you would make fried fish and potato salad, then when I would ask,“Do you have any other sides?”, your response would be, “ Fish and Bread, that’s what Jesus fed! “ I had made my own plans for you in “MY” future. We had talks about you playing the saxophone at my wedding and there were other things I had planned in my head you didn’t know about. LOL God has blessed you to be a firefighter and paramedic for many years! Fire in the literary term means, luminosity or glow and you have been that for many people. I had never realized it until now… Your view was FAMILY! Always has been and will continue to be now through us! You taught me values I will cherish always. One day only wishing I could outdo you in knowing as many scriptures by heart as you did! I know in my heart you are safe in the Lord’s arms and one day we WILL meet again on that faithful day! Until then I will continue to honor and cherish your legacy! Love you FOREVER and ALWAYS. You niec BRIELLE . By Th Way, I wimak ur granny finishe he plat.

My Uncle Nickey “Uncle Nickey”!, is what I would always say when I called you and you would reply as you laughed, “Wassup babygirl”? I would say back, “I’m good, Sir” and that’s when you would say, “I know that’s right cause God is good all the time and all the time God is good”, as we en tered into our conversation. These are a few things I will miss about you, you’d always let me be myself. You’ve helped me in the time of need, corrected me if I was wrong and overall made the best food and had the best laugh as you talked smack about the game. Words can’t describe how much I will truly miss you because there’s only one you. You have truly impacted my life. I’ll find comfort in knowing that you are with Jesus whom you talked about. I lov yo, Bi ❤

To Uncle Nickey Failure was never an option for you. You never failed to provide for the family, show up when you were needed, provide life changing advice, make the whole room laugh until our stomachs hurt, and have an impact on others, but most importantly you never failed at being the best uncle anyone could ask for. All the memories we had together are countless, like hanging out with you and my Dad, joking and talking about life. Every memory is special its own way. Although the lord called one of his brightest stars home unexpectantly, I can honestly say your purpose on this earth and did what God wanted you to do. I love you and miss you like no other Unc. You get some well deserved rest up there and I ask you to continue to watch over me, Nick and the rest of the family…and make sure momma is okay up there with you. I love you dearly. You Nephew, KJ

Nickey, We could not have asked for a better brother-in-law, uncle, cousin and nephew. You were so full of love and compassion for our family and we loved and adored you from day one. You had an impact on us that will be felt forever. You’ve left a hole in our hearts that will be impossible to fill. Rest in peace until we see you again. Lovin an missin you dearly, Th Entir Adam/Winze Family

M Y H USBAND I have known and loved you for 40 years (married for 33 of those years). We would often laugh about our love story…how we were on the same campus, but did not actually meet until we both happened to be assigned to the Engineering intern program in Lakehurst, New Jersey in the summer of 1983. That was fate. When my mother met you, she immediately fell in love and felt like she’d gained another son. After years of dating, I asked my dad one day what he thought about me getting married. He just mumbled something under his breath and then said “why are you asking me, you’re going to do it anyway”. My Dad didn’t think anyone was worthy of his daughter…until he met you. All he wanted was to know that his baby girl would be loved and cared for as much as he did…and you proceeded to show him that he had nothing to worry about. Over the years you have dedicated yourself to trying to help others, whether it was your family, friends, mentoring new paramedics and EMTs, or just people you met along the way. You have always lived your authentic life…never trying to be someone you were not. I think that’s why so many people were drawn to you like a magnet. They immediately sensed when you walked in the room the real Nickey was present (larger than life, loud as ever, and wanting to make sure everyone was taken care of). That’s one of the things I loved about you. I will never paint a picture for anyone that our lives or our marriage was perfect, but I will always cherish my life with you forever and ever. Take your rest my Husband. Lovin Yo Alway, Develon

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