Phyllis Miller

Mama, you held us all together so we’re broken without you! I know you’re at peace now but the selfish part of me wishes you were still here. I told you if you’re rocking I’m rolling mama, how am I supposed to rock without you? I wish I had your strength right how mama because your baby is devasted and week. I’ll try to push forward, no promises though. I love you beautiful! Qua

Mama, you fought a tough fight, you can finally get your rest but mama your baby boy is hurting. You taught me how to do everything in life but live without you. Mama get your well deserved rest, I love you. RaRa

My heart is sadden from missing you. God needed an angel and it was you. You’ll spread your wings and hold me tight and tell us believe in God and you’ll be alright. And as we cry on missing you, our hearts will feel loved all day through, knowing that you’re missing us too. And now that we celebrate you today, thank you for the love left here to stay. Love, Your Big Sister

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