Ronmika Simpson-Morgan Program

Sunse: February 6, 2023

Sunris: September 24, 1984

Rememberin Ou Belove Rea

Sharmia - Mam (T T) What day you getting Mykell cause I need a break? Like who am I supposed to call when I don’t know what to do? I know I talked mess but you know how much I need you. Who’s gonna make Mykell therapy appointments? Who gone tell me to get it together when I’m complaining? I know what I have to do and that’s step up for Tasia and Tre, I got them forever! Mykell-Love You Always, Grandgirl (My My)

Montasia - HeyMam, (Tasi) I love you more than anything in this world. To know her is to love her, my mom ,my best friend , my doctor , my therapist , & most of all my go to person. I really can’t believe I’m writing this but mama I took this as a lesson I’ve learned so much. It's time for me to be in dependent and it’s time for me to show them that I can ! I wanna do everything in my pow er to make you happy “I have to be great!” I felt like giving up so badly in the beginning but you would never allow me to do something that you didn’t like when I quit. You always wanted me to keep going no matter how tough my battles were . You were the strongest woman I knew, you always have inspired me to be the best . Mama I want you to know that everything u said was right you would always say ‘’Y'all gone miss me when I’m gone!” I knew I would but I never thought it would be this soon and unexpected. This is the worst I ever felt in my life and honestly I don’t know if I can get through this but every step of the way I just remember how great u were and how great u wanted me to be . Love you dearly Tasia! You rocking I’m rolling!

Mont III - Hey mam (T T) This baby Tre, I just wish I can talk to you and tell you how right youwere about everything and howmuch I love you. I’m so lost right now. I need you and I miss youmore than ever right now! I’m yo baby I can’t believe you really leƏt me, I love you!

Shanterica - Dea Mik, (Sha) From day one you always loved me like your own. You really raised me, you loved me no matter what blood couldn’t make us any closer. You were my little Georgia. I gravitated towards you immediately. I never knew that one weekend I would have someone who loved me as my mother would love me. Thank you for being a mom to me until we meet again, watch over me beautiful. Mont J. - Dea Mika There aren't enough words to describe this hurt the family feels. You were like a second mother to me. I cry every time I replay you calling my nickname, you were truly a sweet soul. If I knew the last time I saw you would be my last time ever seeing you again I would’ve given you a tight hug, but God called you home before I got the chance to say bye. I know you’re looking over the family now but rest well love you. Chrisaveon Hey, this is Woo mama you hurt me, you ain’t deserve this. I was just texting you telling you to be safe and keep living life. I just don’t understand, I love you forever.

Sharla – TMyMunchkin

Dio S. - My Deares Mika

Ronald - T my firs born

J Ann - We had our difficulties but I love you still and I miss you very much! But God loves you more.

Sherri - T my Niec, I love you so much I will see you in the next life. God has you now Angel.

Shep - You were the sister I never had, I watched you grow and blossom. You were the Griselda of our generation. You carried all of our weight and held everything together. You will be missed. Jason - I never knew we would fall apart like this without our glue, you are my cousin but you are my big sister! I don’t have many I trust to counsel me but your words were as good as gold. Don’t worry cousin L7 is going to do whatever to make sure our family is straight! Love you Jacob – I love you to death. You were always my big sister and were always each others biggest haters. I will see you again. I love you Imani – I cannot find the words. You’ve been a sister, mother and so much more. I love you. Always & Forever “We Are Gone Ball”

Alberto - HeyMik (Fa Mac) I just wanted to say I’m going to miss you gorgeous. I appreciate you being there when we couldn’t depend on no one from Cali to Texas. I know I did a lot of messed up things to you but you never judged me or loved me less. I don’t know what to do in the days to come but I will always cherish the time we had together. The saying God makes no mistakes but right now I feel the mistake was taking you away too soon. I love you and will miss you the most. I’ll see you when we meet again!

Dio J. - Dea Si, I love you and miss you so much. Me, YiYi and Fat Mack were your ba bies before you had babies. You were such a loving, caring, helpful big sister. I will forever cherish our memories. I love you Mika. -Love your brother Dion

Dionyuta - DeMik (Y Y) r Mika,

You know u was my right hand. I’m lost without you right now, you my heart! It will never beat the same. I want to thank you for everything! Everything you taught me I’m holding on to it. There go lil YiYI there go lil Mika u my baby for life. Love you forever!

Family Exession One never knows just how many friends they have until the loss of a loved one. Words cannot express the comfort you have given us in our time of bereavement, just knowing that your prayers, thoughts, and yes, your presence were with us on this day has made our loss a little less painful. Thank you for the flowers, prayers, cards, food, the kind words, as well as your presence. The Family Activ Pabearers Shep Steele, Jr. Alberto Payne, Sr. Dionyuta Henry Jason Ingram Jacob Ingram Imani Ingram Honorary Pabearers Shep Steele III Alberto Payne, Jr. D’Andre Ford David Beaty

Final Restin Place Lincoln Memorial Cemetery Dallas, Texas

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