Victor Wheaton

T Ou Dady For someone who meant so much and loved by all he knew, Who left behind a trail of tears and precious memories, too. We loved the sunshine in his smile and kindness in his heart. But heaven saw that he was tired which meant we had to part. And now that it’s his special day, dear angels, hear our prayer. Please guard him with your gentle wings and tend him with great care. For he was someone wonderful and words just can’t convey. How much we wish that he was here once more, with us today. You Special Spouse The hardest thing that I never thought I had to write. It was one filled with grief and sorrow, pain, and heartache, but it is also filled with pride and joy for the amazing years I had with him, you gave me a life of adventure and love. You can make me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. I’ll never forget cooking with you in the kitchen or the way you challenged me, and encouraged me, you will be missed truly and whole heartly.

Fo Gandchildren Our grandfather was the only person I believe knew everything and frankly, he was rarely wrong. There wasn’t a distance that you wouldn’t travel to get us or to spend time. We could always count on you no matter what. This is a hard goodbye, until we meet again

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