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Tç›Ý—ƒù, F›ÙçƒÙù 14,2023|11:00 ƒÃ N›ó E½ B›ã«›½ BƒÖã®Ýã C«çّ« 2023 MÊçݛ٠LƒÄ› | Dƒ½½ƒÝ, T›øƒÝ 75203 PƒÝãÊÙ DÙ. T®ÃÊã«ù J. BÙÊóÄ, O¥¥®‘®ƒã®Ä¦ R›ò. Dƒò®— W. AėٛóÝ, JÙ., Eç½Ê¦®Ýã

W e mournfully announce the passing of Dorcus "Dee" Renee Gillaspie, 38, of Dallas, TX. Dorcus passed away on February 2, 2023, after a hard fought battle with many illnesses. Dee, born to Lisa and Jerry Gillaspie, took her first breath on May 29, 1984. Dee was a force to be reckoned with from the get-go, graduating from Justin F. Kimball in 2002 with various accolades including National Honor Society and Beta Club. Dee went on to pursue her Associate's Degree from El Centro Community College and graduated in 2005 becoming the first in her family to do so. She was an advocate of education and continued forward to receive a Bachelor of Nutrition in 2008 from Texas Woman's University and then her Master of Business Administration from the University of North Texas Dallas in 2018. Dee was an employee at WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) for over a decade. She was a true professional and an asset to the government organization. She had great relationships with her colleagues and clients. She was a supervisor who was beloved by all and affectionately called the "Queen of WIC".

While Dorcus never married or had children of her own, she lived a full and vibrant life. She was extremely family oriented and loved spending time with all her relatives as much as possible. She never met a stranger and had more friends than you could count. She also had a very special "child" named Harlem Chase who was her pride and joy. Her many godchildren also meant more to her than words can describe. Dorcus was always putting the needs of others before her own and she will be deeply missed by all who knew her. She was preceded in death by her great grandparents, Dorothy Lee Pryor and James Pryor Sr, grandparents, Maggie Glaspie and Jeremiah Allen, nephew, Kaleb Wayne Savage, five aunts; Janice Marie Pryor, Era Mae Clark, Nora Jean Benjamin, Bertha Ray, and Zerlene Fullylove, uncle Roy Cleveland Clark. She leaves behind her mother and father, Lisa and Jerry Gillaspie (LaNitra), sisters, Ashley Savage (Brandon) and Jerri Gillaspie, brother Jerry Gillaspie Jr. (Bryshana), aunt, Rhonda Bailey, grandmother Jettie Roberts, cousins Ronnisha Stephenson (Lamarcus) and Tommye Bailey (Monica), and a whole host of relatives and friends.


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Old Testament…….. Bishop CurƟs L. ScoƩ, Sr. New Testament…... Bishop CurƟs L. ScoƩ, Sr.

T«› Pكù›Ù Ê¥ CÊÃ¥ÊÙã…. Pastor Timothy J. Brown

T«› SÊ½Ê ……………………………….………... Drew Brown

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S֛‘®ƒ½ R›ÃƒÙ»Ý ……………………….. Joyce Devereaux City of Dallas WIC Program RepresentaƟve

Pç½Ö®ã R›ÃƒÙ»Ý….…………... Pastor Timothy J. Brown

T«› Sʽʅ……………………….………... Keontay Caldwell

T«› Eç½Ê¦ù ..……………......….. Rev. David Andrews Jr.

PƒÙã®Ä¦ V®›ó ….…………….…. Golden Gate Directors

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To my Beautiful Daughter Never Forget That I Love You... If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane. I'd walk right to heaven and bring you home again. I love you...always & forever -Momma


Daughter, you gave no farewell, nor said goodbye. You were gone before I knew it and only God knows why. I I'll miss you. I will cry. In my heart, you hold a place no one can ever fill. Although you sleep in Heaven now, you will always be here. My heart is full of memories + you are with me every day. You lived your life with a smile on your face. I thank God, he made you my daughter while you were here on earth. -Love Daddy

My Bonus Baby, when I first met your father, little did, I know this 11-year-old would blossom into such a beautiful soul. I was blessed to share in the life of our angel. Family isn't always defined by blood. We've had our trials, as all families do. We've shared plenty of laughter and made some wonderful memories. In this lifetime for me, there will never be another like you. I thank God for the gift of you. Love you always, -Mama Nitra

A Grandmothers Love, It's very much like a mother's, maybe that's why my very special granddaughter called me mama aka granny... I thank God sooo...much for Dorcus. I will surely miss my very special grandbaby. Think of how many conditions and illnesses she fought and won. She was only 9 years old when all of this began. But she kept a good spirit. She was happy, helped many, and had a good amount of patience. A very freehearted person, good-natured, and many other God-given talents. Quick to forgive, loved knowledge, and smart. She was the only grandchild that called her grandmother mommy more than granny. Fun and loving that was Dorcus Renee...the love of my life and I know she loved me right back. Heaven has another jewel and earth has had a great loss.

I love you always, -Mommy (granny)

Papa’s Fat Sam, Dorcus, Papa will truly miss you and I will never forget the words I heard you say, “Papa it smells like cross the bridge”. Love you, -Papa

Auntie’s D’Lucci, Dorcus my Angel you will truly be missed as well as you were loved. Take your crown and rest in the arms of God. Loving you always, - Aunt Rhonda

Dorcus (Big Sis), I want to Thank God for allowing us to spend our time together as brother and sister. I also want to Thank you for loving me unconditionally. It is very hard writing this letter to you. I wasn't ready for your departure, but our God had other plans for you. I will miss you, your big personality, your selflessness, your true love for us (Ashley, Jerri, My family, & Myself). I will always remember you telling me that I always had a teddy bear in place of me for Christmas and that hopefully one day we would finally meet. And guess what, that wish came true. Can you believe that Myspace brought us together, Myspace LOL!!!! I'll never forget that moment when I was able to tell my mother I finally was able to talk to you and Ashley for the first time. My life changed forever!!! As I close out my letter, just know this one thing. I'll always love you and keep your name alive. Thank you again for being you. I love you, From your little brother Jerry Wayne Gillaspie, J.R. My Heart- "I WILL MISS YOU UNTIL THE DAY I TAKE MY LAST BREATH...MY SISTERS KEEPER, You were my heart, my best friend, my protector, my soulmate, my everything. I could not go one day without talking to you or I would lose my mind! I miss you every day, every second, and every minute. I miss your laugh, your smile, and our petty fights. But most of all I miss driving to your house on my bad days... I would climb in bed with you and lay on your chest and you would smile and say, "you're not a little girl anymore but you are still my baby". You would kiss my forehead and allow me to lay there for hours if I wanted to and the pain would go away. Growing up you were more like my mom than my sister...when I was afraid of the dark you would let me climb into your twin-size bed to be close to you but then yell that my stuffed animal (Mr. Koala) had to go. You hated that I was so much younger because I always wanted to play house and you always had to be the mom that just had a baby so that you could take long naps, I would get so mad because you would sleep for 2-3 hours, and I would run and tell momma that you weren't playing fair! She always got you back because you had to take me wherever you went lol. You used to get so mad that I had to tag alone but your friends loved it! I guess my charming cheeks and smile worked every time. I wanted to be just like you because I thought you were cool, smart, and had a lot of friends. I followed your footsteps when I decided to graduate from TWU and pursue my career path with WIC and we became the "Gillaspie Sisters". Not being able to call you on the phone every morning has been the hardest part...I miss hearing you say, "Hey sis, or Phats what do you want now?". When I first brought you home from rehab, I remember telling you that I needed a 30-day break from you and Harlem...and I did not even make it one day because I was calling you saying, "Let's go to Ross!" Sister Sunday will never be the same...but I will continue to cherish the ones we had. I love you sissy...more than all the words in the world. For my 2, No one will ever be able to top the things you did for me. You're my favorite person. A lot of my good memories are because of you. I could never stay mad at you. You never judged me for anything I did. I'll always appreciate everything you did for me because even when you struggled, you made sure I was taken care of. A lot of what I wanted was provided by you. I'll miss you greatly. Miss your humor, your smile, your attitude, your confidence, and your love. Stay by my side and be my guardian angel. -I love you sissy, Jerri A phenomenal woman is what you are. Words cannot explain the love I have for my big cousin she was more like my big sister Dee. You have seen me at my lowest and never turned your back on me. You have watched me grow from a child to a man and you are the reason why I am the man I am today. From helping me with homework to teaching me how to cook, I am truly grateful. God knew what he was doing when he created you. You have left a mark on this earth. Sis, you have done your job. -I love you sis! Mookie! My Dee, This is not easy for me to write this to you because my heart is so heavy as I process all of what God has placed before me to accept. I want to say thank you, sis, for showing me what love, for your guidance, sisterly wisdom, and unconditional love, which was critical components, that shaped and groomed me into the woman that I am today. I understand that God has specially placed you in His Kingdom because he saw that your job was done during this short time you had here on earth. In spite of my mourning for the loss of you physically, I am so elated for you spiritually because you accomplished so much while here in this life. Sis, you are so deserving to be in God's Kingdom because you are the embodiment of love. Your spirit will live with us each day and I look forward to your spiritual guidance as I continue to navigate my way through this life. I remember when I though Bali's birth was an early birthday gift from me to you, but now in hindsight, I realize this birth was a gift from you to me to cherish and keep your memory alive. I feel you already know that Bali will grow up to know how amazing his Aunt Dee was to us all. I truly value the legacy you left behind for us to carry on in your name and will dedicate the rest of my life honoring you. Rest in Paradise Sis. Love you immeasurably, -LaQue -Love- Your other half (Phats)

Best friend...Bestie...Wifey...Ant. I can still hear your voice in my head calling me all these names. I pray I can always recall it to my memory. It feels surreal to even be writing this. We've been thick as thieves since the age of 14. And we always said, til rocking chairs and beyond". I'll never forget the day we met...passing notes in church. You wrote "All these girls out here are so fake. I'm looking for a real friend." LOL. I was too. That was just you. You pulled no punches. You minced no words. 24 years later and we are still inseparable. My family became yours and yours became mine. Phone calls all times of the day and night. Best friend dates where we would "movie hop". I would come lay in the hospital bed with you when you were sick and eat your tray while I snuck you outside food. You were the loudest. You were the funniest. You were the greatest listener. You were the best cook. The biggest helper. The hardest worker. You never judged. You accepted me through every phase of my life. Even when I moved away, we never missed a beat. You will always be the kindest, most nurturing, beautiful soul, I'll ever have the privilege of interacting with. I'm sad. Not because there were words left unsaid or deeds left undone. That was not us. We never left each other without saying "I love you." We showed each other in our actions. We gave each other proverbial flowers. I'm simply sad because flesh wants you here with me. But my spirit is joyous because the greatest thing about you was you loved God with your WHOLE heart and were a faithful Christian woman. Rest well my bestie. I've got Phat Baby. I promise. I'll see you when I get there. And oh, we'll have a time. You were my BFF, my roomie, my WIC queen, my praise partner, my diabetic sista, my favorite cook, an auntie to the girls and so much more. I'm grateful for the imprint that you left on my life. I will forever and always be your Cherlinda! Love you always, Cheryl. My Dee Baby, From day one I knew you were a force to be reckoned with. You came into my life with so much life and energy, and I was never the same. From our girl's days and boy talks to our road trips, you always knew how to turn up. I admired how you showed so much love to everyone who crossed paths with you. Always willing to lend a helpful hand. I will miss hearing the "Hey Boo" every time we talked and definitely, your cooking. I am forever grateful for all the time we had, and I will cherish every memory. You were always my earthbound angel, and now you are my heavenly angel. I love you to Girl, I need more than a page to write what's in my heart about you. My life changed 24 years ago when God brought you into my life. You showed me the true meaning of friendship, better yet, sisterhood. You brought out the best in me and taught me it is okay to let people in and to trust someone fully. I am the person I am today because of you. It was your words of motivation, your Anointed spirit, and your love that kept me going, each day. God really showed me favor when he blessed me with you as a friend, sister, and aunt to my kids. I am in awe of how your cocoon blossomed into a beautiful butterfly that has left your mark on the world and inside of people. You have such an infectious spirit, that to be around you brings about positivity and greatness. We always talked about writing a book and how it would be a best-seller, but I never imagined that your chapter would end so soon. I write this tribute with a heavy heart+teary eyes. I will truly miss my best friend, my sister, my confidant. There is no other like you for you are unique and one of a kind. You will always be my angel. You now have your wings so fly free and shine bright. I love you more than words could express and will forever cherish our memories. Love always, Raie infinity and beyond. -Your Boo, Kat

Dorcus...You were the definition of a ride or die. I won't find a more trusting, loyal friend in this lifestyle. Dee....D' best most faithful companion. I love you forever. Thank you for letting me be me...whatever that meant at the time. I appreciate all our talks and laughs to the fullest. I'm going to miss you girl!!! I 'll always love you and remember you. -Your Sarah

I will cherish our special memories in my heart. Nothing compares to your big smile, servant heart, & beautiful spirit. You demonstrated daily what unconditional love, sacrifice, & resilience should look like! I've always admired your strength and intelligence. We were the balance each other needed. I will miss us laughing until tears, your wisdom, running our errands & lunch dates, our vulnerable conversations, celebrating life events, & leading Ledbetter together. My life was blessed through our sisterhood. You are a rare gem; I will never meet another soul like you! Heaven gained a beautiful Angel. -With Love, Your Ari

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