Final_Celebration of Life for Charlotte Holloway



My Aunt Vern was always the happiest person in the room. She could convince anyone to have a good time, and brought everyone out of their shell. She taught me the valuable lesson of being true to myself, living a life filled with joy, and leaning on the strength of the LORD when I really needed to. I could always count on her mischievous grin and antics as she came up with some new way to bring a smile to all our f aces. I hope to see that same smile when I make my way up to heaven, too. We met on the playground of our elementary school oh so many years ago, and immediately became best friends. We were BFF’s long before it was a thing. We talked on the phone everyday of our lives, sometimes two, three even four times a day or more about nothing, and about everything. HELEN (GRAHAM) JACKSON

My older sister always said I just had to do things my own way. She called me stubborn, but I liked to walk to the beat of my own drum just like she did. My older sister was a little mischievous a little sweet, and she could always see the best in people.

She collected friends and they were all very different, yet she understood them for who they were. She loved her family, unconditionally, and was never judgmental. And although she wasn’t always visible, she knew how to show up just when you needed her most. I admired her ability to find joy in places where most people could only see negativity. She had an offbeat sense of humor, but I think that added to her appeal. I’ll always carry some of the things she taught me in my heart and I count it a blessing to be her sister. She taught me to laugh out loud and she pushed me to be the best version of myself without saying a word. She didn’t say much about who she was, but she made sure to show me. I’ll forever love, admire, and respect her as a woman of virtue.

To our beloved mother, you were a guiding light and source of unwavering love. Your nurturing embrace and unwavering support shaped us into the people we are today. Your selflessness and dedication to us will forever be etched in our hearts. Though we grieve your loss deeply, We find solace in the memories we shared and the values you instilled.You made the most out of your dash (1959-2024) and showed us how to make the most out of ours. Your life and love will be forever in our hearts, as we continue to fight the good fight of faith. Your grandchildren and their grandchildren will know how virtuous their Mema was. We love you to eternity until we meet again. LANA & ERIC

You left the other night without a word, and when I heard about it, I was shocked and saddened, but not surprised. When I took the time to sit with it and thought about it all I was ok with it, because I knew that you were ready. I pray that you are now resting in the arms of the Savior. I know that you knew him and that you remained faithful. I recall several of our conversations when I would ask if you were ok, your response would be “I won’t complain because God’s got me.” You fought the good fight and have finished your race and you endured as a good soldier.

Now there is laid up for you a Crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award you on that day.

As I think of you right now, I’m praying that you are healed and whole and are able to peek over from heaven’s way and see all that is taking place to honor and celebrate you. Vern, I will miss you girl, but I shall never forget you. We held on for life. (Friendship)


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